Andra Georgescu – Distrikt Co-founder

“Privacy is a fundamental human right, and not a privilege”

It is not a surprise: social media is not private. We are not in control of our data online.

Although being online is free, it is certainly not without a cost. We get the news, stay in touch with friends and consume entertainment, but on the other hand, little by little we give up information about ourselves: who we are, what we think, and above all, what we like to buy. Everything we do gets recorded in the server of some big tech compa- ny.

In the words of Andra Georgescu, co-founder of Distrikt App, “Web2 prioritizes conve- nience to privacy. Web2 has lost the battle on privacy.” In other words, social media is great, and we use it for almost everything, but the price we pay is our personal data.

“Although we still remain somewhat critical about giving our data to governments, we still give our data away to companies, like our data is nothing of value, but data brokerage is an industry that makes 250 billion dollars a year”, says Georgescu.

So in February 2021 Distrikt was born. A decentralized social media platform that lives 100% on the blockchain and relies on absolutely no centralized infrastructure.

The goal is clear: create a platform where people can connect, interact, and express themselves, without having to be concerned about their privacy and giving up their data. “Privacy is the fundamental value of Distrikt. Privacy is a fundamental human right and not a privilege”.

Andra explains that her main focus is to incenssantly advocate for the user: “Distrikt doesn’t know your name, age, nationality, gender and has no interest in your shopping preferences because it is not selling you anything. You don’t need to be the product in order to enjoy the product.”

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