Apply to Pitch

  • EBC Barcelona
  • 29 November 2018
  • 5* Hotel Collection Tower
To apply, drop us a line at with the following information:
1. Name of Start-up, Start-up website (if any)
2. City, Country
3. What is the problem you are trying to solve? What is your solution?
4. Start-up team
5. What competitive advantages your start-up has over current players?
6. What is the status of your product or prototype?
7. Tell us about the business / revenue model.
8. How much investor capital have you raised, if any?


RACE by EBC is the startup competition part of European Blockchain Convention. At the event, a hand-picked group of the most promising Blockchain startups from all over Europe will have the opportunity to present their project to an audience filled with leading investors, corporates, mentors, media and talent.

Our aim is to display entrepreneurial talent to the international investment community, and to corporations seeking innovation, encouraging contact between both of them for potential investment, commercial or strategic agreements.


The competition is aimed at all projects as long as they solve real-world issues using the benefits of distributed ledger technology, have launched within the last three years and received less than €3 million in funding from other investors.

The competition is open to all entrepreneurs, of legal age, whether they be natural or legal persons, and whatever their nationality.

The heads (C-level) of the projects selected agree to attend RACE by EBC on the 22nd Sept 2020.


The deadline for submission of projects is September 1st, 2020.

The selection criteria to be used for the selection of the 10 Blockchain Startups are as follows:

  • Team capabilities;
  • Uniqueness of the technology, innovation;
  • Project scalability;
  • Business model;
  • Competitive advantage;

European Blockchain Convention will evaluate all the projects and will select the 10 best ones. The selected Startups will be communicated around September 5th, 2020.

The 10 selected Startups will have access to the Startup Package, which includes:

  • Pitch for 5min to international & national investors, media, customers, corporates, talent and partners + 5min of Q&A led by the Jury
  • Free tickets for the team
  • Multiple one-to-one meetings with investors and corporate sponsors
  • Other benefits: exchange learnings with fellow founders, receive invaluable feedback from the Jury


The selected group of leading investors and tech leaders that form the Jury will select the winning startup at the end of the day.



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