Changing the Game with Self-Sovereign Identity

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Why did Validated ID decide to launch VIDchain and what is the current status of it?

There are several problems with our online identities. In addition, keeping track of hundreds of accounts is a tedious process. Privacy laws like GDPR do not offer the users control of their personal information. Instead, it is controlled by big brothers. Most companies don’t know who their customers are. Existing identity solutions are so complicated that users are not willing to use them.

With 25 years in identity-related sectors, we’re introducing the Self Sovereign Identities paradigm built on blockchain technology, which we call VIDchain. It’s going to change the game.

VIDchain is available to download from official app stores and is used in several pilot programs already.

“VIDchain is going to change the game.”

Why is this project a game changer?

We believe Self-Sovereign Identities technology is the definitive solution to the identity problems on the web.

By using VIDchain, you control your own data: your driving license, your passport, your vaccination card and all your personal information are available on your phone. By scanning a QR code, you can share just one piece of information, without revealing all of your personal details.

As a result, we provide a better user experience while maintaining security and privacy.

Has COVID-19 been a business opportunity for you and how has it impacted VIDchain?

COVID-19 has had a compelling impact on the development of SSI. As some COVID-19 credentials pilots are based on SSI, many companies and stakeholders are working together to boost this technology.

Which institutions and companies do you think will be the first to issue credentials for SSI wallet?

Based on our experience, government entities will be the first to take action.

“By scanning a QR code, you can share just one piece of information, without revealing all of your personal details.”

Do you think the SSI wallets will be free of charge for the users in the future? If yes, who will pay the SSI wallet providers for their service?

Wallets should be free to use and there will be a wide selection to choose from. The most significant costs will be associated with identity verification and validation, as well as the set-up of infrastructure to issue verifiable credentials.

Can you explain a successful use case of VIDchain?

We are part of the GAVIUS project, where VIDchain plays the role of the ID layer.

The GAVIUS project is a Catalan smart city innovation project. Our goal is to design and implement an intelligent system that will allow citizens, through digital identification, to access information on municipal social aids and manage them on their mobile phones.

“Wallets should be free to use and there will be a wide selection to choose from.”

Some innovation managers say SSI is still not mature. What would you reply to them?

It is indeed still not mature! However, it is evolving rapidly. Finding the right talent is always one of the biggest challenges in new ecosystems. 

Is European talent catching up with the pace of the blockchain industry?

The European Commission has played a key role in promoting Self Sovereign Identities and making the European ecosystem flourish. It has deployed a blockchain infrastructure for the member states and it is adopting its digital identity regulation to provide a legal framework to SSI.

Several European companies are participating and leading different SSI initiatives, including EBSI/ESSIF itself, Alastria, IDUnion and Sovrin.

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Published June 28 2021, Barcelona