We are on the hunt for Europe's top 50 blockchain startups

Barcelona | Oct 25-26, 2023

EBC Startup Battle is the largest early-stage blockchain startup competition in Europe. 

Each edition, 50 finalist startups are carefully selected from a vast pool of applications to pitch their ideas at European Blockchain Convention.

Startup Battle 50 Finalists

AddZest is a B2B marketing SaaS solution that can be used by companies (web2 or web3) understand their audience and easily run 1:1 personalised campaigns that onboard, convert and retain web3 users, increasing sales and engagement.

Allfeat blockchain delivers interoperability in the music industry by solving lack of security, lack of business efficiency, lack of creativity development and help businesses builders to take good bet in their applications.

AuditOne is a platform that offers security services and tools to ensure the security and reliability of smart contracts. The platform aims to improve Web3 safety and promote transparency in auditing by bringing together experienced auditors and providing them with the necessary resources to conduct thorough and transparent audits. is a comprehensive invoicing and accounting platform for cryptocurrencies. Imagine it like this: we're building the QuickBooks of the crypto world. We cater to freelancers, businesses, and DAOs, making it simple to track, manage, and account for payments across multiple blockchains. Our platform currently supports over 1,000 tokens and NFTs on six different blockchain networks.

Billy's mission is to help event organizers grow their brand and communities.

Bitstack is the easiest way to save and invest in Bitcoin in Europe. Users can get started by rounding up their purchases and investing the spare change in bitcoin and then use our app to buy, sell, earn and spend bitcoin.

Blockbrain is the safe heaven for Blockchain investors. Our mission is to support Blockchain investors in protecting their portfolios and helping them to do more confident and risk-informed investment decisions. Blockbrain’s AI-enabled DeFi Knowledge Graph turns trillions of on- and off-chain data points into actionable insights.

Bolide is a DeFi protocol designed to generate passive returns on single crypto assets through automated smart strategies that operate across the DeFi ecosystem while effectively managing all potential risks. Our solution is simple, user friendly, and secure.

Cheapskate is the future of customer loyalty programmes. Using blockchain tech it enables complete interchangeability between loyalty points; enabling complimentary brand collaborations at a fraction of the cost and innovative new methods of customer incentive.

Chronicle is a blockchain-agnostic protocol that overcomes the current limitations of transferring data and truth on-chain by developing the first truly scalable, cost-efficient, decentralized Oracles. Championing an end-to-end verifiable protocol, Chronicle is rewriting the rulebook on Oracle data transparency and accessibility.

Crowdgenix is building a Web3-enabled and zero knowledge-powered institutional DeFi, offering seamless multi-chain tokenisation infrastructure including a Tokenisation Engine (origination), Launchpad (distribution), and DEX (trading) for tokenised real-world assets (RWAs). We bridge the gap between DeFi and TradFi to pave the way for innovative wealth generation and diversification.

Crowmie is a Green-Fintech that is changing the traditional way of investing in renewable energy assets. We enable anyone to invest in photovoltaic projects through a self-explanatory investment platform that offers the flexibility of a stock exchange.

DEFIT applies gamification to physical activity to harness the motivational and attractive power of games to allow people to achieve higher levels of motivation and lead an active lifestyle.

DLT Payments is revolutionizing the digital payment landscape by offering a Web3 payment processing solution aimed at SMEs and enterprises. Built on EVM Layer-2, our Techstars-backed startup addresses the friction and complexity associated with traditional payment systems, opening doors for businesses to tap into the next generation of digitally-savvy consumers.

DSID is a user-centric identity management solution that enables people to build a measurable online reputation and leverage good behaviour on the world wide web. We believe that the internet needs a layer of trust for better human interactions. This is why DSID delivers a system where trust can be measured in an objective way, by storing reputation score credentials in digital wallets that act as proof for a holder’s reputation.

Eczodex is building a capital-efficient crypto onramp. Our platform allows customers to retain ownership of collateral used to mint Eczodex stablecoin and, consequently, the underlying yield. Our stablecoin is regulatory compliant, and customers can use RWAs such as equities custodied by our broker-dealer partner as collateral.

Enefty provides a no-code, blockchain-based platform for brands to create a more secure, customizable, and engaging reward system. Brands create digital collectibles as tradable and ownable membership cards and attach various benefits to them, fostering greater trust and participation from customers.

erable° allows impact startups to issue tokens that represent their core business assets to access a non-dilutive and community funding. On the other hand, investors are able to track in real-time their yield (generated by the business sharing periodically the profits to token owners) and the impact they allowed.

EthicHub offers a blockchain-based protocol allowing global lending to farmers at a fixed 8% interest rate. The community stakes collateral via Ethix tokens to secure loans, minimizing risk. EthicHub also connects farmers to value-added markets, strengthening their position in the supply chain. The platform’s Compensation System provides liquid collateral, making capital more accessible and affordable. is a comprehensive unified connector API service designed to streamline the integration process for leading blockchains and diverse DeFi platforms. All transactions signatures occur securely on the client side, safeguarding their private key, which never traverses over our API. We never holds your crypto at any point: your keys, your crypto.

Fiat24 is the first regulated bank that is built on public blockchain (Arbitrum). You might imagine us as an additional layer inside your non-custodial wallet (such as MetaMask) - by connecting your wallet to Fiat24, you can easily transform the wallet into an "e-banking" which supports both cryptocurrencies and fiat money. We use an NFT as a means to identify our clients, and being able to associate transactions with their account.

Fume is an on-chain fund management tool to automate the administration through smart contracts, providing selective transparency (ZKP) and removing intermediaries such as banks and brokers. On-chain investment funds are fully compliant, registered in top-notch jurisdictions, and not limited to cryptocurrencies.

GOV.DAO is a legal and regulatory blockchain development project structured as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). GOV.DAO also provides legal and regulatory advisory services to Web3 projects. Our core mission is to build better governance by developing technical solutions that promote adoption of Web3 and decentralization.

Gratiago is transforming the future of social security at a time when change is crucial. By empowering patients to take charge of their care and rewarding proactive behavior, we're crafting a sustainable solution. Our groundbreaking app, utilizing blockchain technology, addresses the pervasive issue of non-adherence. When patients comply, they not only save but also receive a share of the savings.

Ispolink is building the future of work on Web3 with disruptive products: 1) AI-driven platform for hiring seasoned Web3 devs with 2 clicks. 2) The Ispoverse: Gamified Workforce infra for brands and businesses built on the Sandbox Metaverse.

As the first creator-led marketing platform of its kind, Immerzo empowers brands to engage in in-game branding, product placements, and AR/VR content collaborations. By fostering this symbiotic ecosystem, Immerzo revolutionizes the way brands and creators collaborate, ensuring immersive and impactful brand storytelling in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

KERU’s mission is to enhance cultural & tourist sites’ customer interactions and funding through sustainable digital souvenirs (NFT). We are developing with the first digital souvenir platform to unlock cultural and tourist sites' full potential through Web3 integration. We want to give everyone the ability to keep their souvenirs accessible, benefit from exclusive rewards (from the site or with partnered brands) while directly supporting our heritage.

Kreatorhood is an NFT marketplace and creator monetization platform on a mission of being a market for culture. We have abstracted the tech to make it simple for mainstreams creators and fans to enter NFTs. We’ve built proprietary payments infrastructure and innovated blockchain standards to put utility information on-chain.

Majority of staked assets sit with a few hosting providers, in a few geographies (ie. a) +50% of Ethereum nodes and staked assets are hosted with AWS, b) +45% of staked Near sit on AWS and GCP). A major source of the problem is that existing staking service and infrastructure providers run on the hyperscale clouds, which were built for a different day and age. Ultimately this creates systemic risk for the industry as a whole. kuutamo solves these problems allowing everyone to create the open and resilient financial system.

MC² Finance is tackling the problem of complexity and exclusivity in the crypto investment space. Currently, strategy building is either heavily reliant on developers or has to be done manually. Sharing strategies is often limited to text in closed groups, and following top funds is typically exclusive to certain groups or accredited investors only.

DeFi protocols don't track investments’ profitability and blockchain technology is complex with intricate raw data. MERLIN comes in with insights on all DeFi activities and unique gain & loss analytics. This data benefits to the wider DeFi ecosystem: individual Traders, Institutional Funds, Financial Services, Fund Admins, Wallet, Custodians, Accounting, Crypto-native/Infrastructure/Tooling Projects.

At Metacampus, we address a clear challenge: navigating the rapidly changing digital landscape. Many struggle to keep up. Our educational programs offer a solution by empowering individuals to not only excel but thrive in this dynamic environment. We're on a mission to ensure that the exponential world becomes more inclusive and accessible.

micapass enables seamless AML compliance for DeFi protocols, eliminating the need to modify the business model as users assume the cost.

Nash21 is a tokenization platform for rental contracts, with the aim of converting them into transactional and liquid financial assets to guarantee, manage and maximize rents.

As an institutional investor, investing in crypto assets should be easy, but in reality it is fragmented and expensive. Northstake solves this with regulatory complaint staking products. We simplify the way investors own a stake in web3.

Operal gameifies impact (using DLT).

Our solution enables any Web3 company to holistically ensure the continued security of their smart contracts post-deployment against high-risk attacks, whilst drastically improving the team’s productivity on smart contract redeployment.

Perfect-iD is the operator of the first worldwide data marketplace for anonymised & verified attributes of private individuals. For the first time, companies have the opportunity to access high-quality data while maintaining the complete anonymity of the respective individuals. This not only solves the problems of opt-in and cookie bans, but also enables companies to get to know their customers even better through anonymised attributes.

We are developing a blockchain based platform that simplifies the carbon credit creation process. The current process of carbon credit creation is slow, costly, and inaccurate, creating a bottleneck to reach global net zero targets. PLENO automates the carbon project data collection, forecast carbon using machine learning model, and store data transparently on the blockchain.

For young adults that find it impossible to invest in their future; PuraVida Global's membership provides a simple and borderless way to generate wealth through tokenized real world assets around the world.

Amid rising concerns about data privacy and misuse by centralized platforms, personalized offers and retailer loyalty suffer, hitting local businesses hardest. Limited resources impede competitiveness, while tech giants profit from amassed data, tilting the playing field. This challenge underscores the dire need for QX: harnessing decentralized consumer ID and reward tokens, we empower small shops, shopping centers, and retail brands to engage customers securely.

Second World Games presents a solution by seamlessly integrating Web3 technologies behind the scenes, enhancing user experiences without disrupting onboarding or trading. Our token fosters engagement and belonging among players, developers, and investors, building a strong gaming community. We introduce governance models that foster a collaborative "creators economy," and by targeting web2 players, we ensure a smooth transition to web3, providing the benefits of web3 without the current complexities.

Sendcrypto offers a single layer that sits above various crypto wallets, allowing seamless transactions and trustless environment. confronts the inefficiencies of traditional OTAs marked by high transaction and intermediary fees, as well as the absence of personalization. With its blockchain foundation, not only supports crypto payments, reducing costs and enhancing transparency but also turns bookings into NFTs. This innovation enables a secondary market where travelers can trade or resell their bookings, offering flexibility and the potential for unique travel opportunities.

Solid World scales carbon financing through diversified and derisked pools. Carbon forward financing is currently purely an OTC pen and paper-based market. It's a complex, illiquid, high-risk, and opaque market with no transparent price signals. This makes it incredibly difficult for investors to participate in the market unless they specialize in carbon investing.

Currently there are hundreds of virtual environments. Games, Metaverses and Virtual Showrooms. None are compatible. $STYLE aims to make virtual worlds compatible. STYLE Protocol is a completely decentralised Infrastructure-Layer for Asset-Interoperability and Licensing across all future virtual worlds and gaming environments (VR/AR, NFTs or 3D Assets.)

At Thrilld Labs, we know that Web3 holds immense potential for global collaboration and distributed growth, but our experience working in Web3 businesses and investing in them taught us that creating synergies in the space is characterized by high costs, time lost forever, and unsettling inefficiencies, hereby ultimately hindering Web3’s growth opportunities whilst posing barriers to access. With Thrilld, the synergy-machine for Web3, we seek to drive Web3’s builders, contributors, and funders forward.

In the current digital landscape dominated by Web2 giants, power is concentrated in the hands of a few companies, leading to control over communities, data, and content. UCollectME envisions a transformative shift towards decentralized communities, where individuals regain autonomy over their data, communities, and revenue streams, breaking free from the constraints of centralized platforms.

No-code trading automation platform for retail looking to compress years of portfolio building to just minutes.

ZeemGO is the eMobility Tripadvisor that allows EV drivers to find, charge and rate charging stations across Europe. ZeemGO is the next eMobility unicorn, based on sustainable & scalable innovation, we help the world decarbonise and make the energy transition affordable for all consumers.

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About EBC Startup Battle

EBC Startup Battle is the startup competition part of European Blockchain Convention.

Hand-picked by our editorial team, 50 of the most promising early-stage Blockchain startups in Europe will have the opportunity to pitch their project to an audience filled with leading investors, corporates, mentors, media and talent.

Key Information

  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Date: October 25-26, 2023
  • Cost: It is free. We take no fees or equity from the startups who participate
  • Industry focus:  Blockchain, crypto, DeFi, Web3, NFTs, Gaming or Metaverse industry


Call for Startups

From July 1 to August 31, 2023

Top 50 Finalist Startups published

September 10, 2023


From September 10 to October 24, 2023

EBC Startup Battle

Barcelona | October 25-26, 2023


50 Finalists

1 Winner


  • Startups must not have raised Series A funding
  • Total funding raised must be less than €8M
  • Startups must be founded in 2018 and onwards
  • Startups must have at least an MVP (minimal viable product)
  • Startups must be related to the Blockchain, crypto, Web3, NFTs or Metaverse industry
  • Startups must be based in Europe
  • Startups must be a game changer in their vertical