Cristian Cengher

Erste Group

Product Owner Cross Border Payments

Cristian Cengher is currently positioned as the Head of Payments Operations and Clearing at Erste Group. With a remarkable background in the banking industry spanning over two decades, he has established himself as an expert in the field of payments.

As a subject-matter expert in payments, Cristian actively contributes to shaping the future of digital currencies, including the ECB Digital Euro, and closely follows developments in the field. His extensive knowledge and experience have led him to be appointed as a member of the ECB Digital Euro Market Advisory Group.

Within the #PMPG (Payments Market Practice Group), he represents the Austrian Banks Community, actively participating in discussions and initiatives related to payment market practices. Through his involvement, Cristian contributes to the development and enhancement of industry standards and practices in the payments landscape.

Recognized for his expertise and insights, Cristian frequently takes on the role of a speaker and moderator at conferences.