Dr. Avtar Sehra

Libre Capital


Avtar is currently founder and CEO of Libre Capital, a joint venture by Brevan Howard’s WebN and Nomura’s Laser Digital. Libre’s focus is on enabling tokenised fund issuance and distribution across public and private blockchains. Avtar was an early adopter of Bitcoin and worked on projects such as colored coins. This led him to founding Nivaura, which was a pioneer in primary market workflow automation for issuing debt instruments, and applying this to enabling tokenised bond issuance. Avtar worked on the majority of early industry tokenised bond deals, supporting in structuring and executing tokenised instruments and leveraging public blockchains to enable registration and settlement. Avtar has a PhD in theoretical particle physics and a masters in computational engineering; and is a graduate of Imperial College. After his academic career he transitioned to capital markets, focusing across risk management, pricing systems and infrastructure. He has worked closely with several financial services regulators and has held MiFID and CASS regulated positions with the FCA.