Kavita Gupta

Delta Blockchain Fund

Founding Managing Partner

Kavita Gupta is a prominent figure in the blockchain and investment world, with an extensive background and numerous achievements to her name. Currently serving as a visiting scholar at Stanford University, she is actively involved in teaching the popular course “Beyond Bitcoin and Ethics for Engineers.” Kavita is also a founding team member of the Distributed Trust Initiative at Stanford, a platform dedicated to exploring distributed trusted identity and systems through open dialogue and research.

Her previous roles include heading the VC-hedge fund at ConsenSys, where she made strategic investments in groundbreaking blockchain technologies that are reshaping our existing systems. During her tenure, Kavita played a crucial role in supporting and fostering innovation in the blockchain space. For her outstanding contributions to the field of social finance and green bonds, she was honored with the UN Social Finance Innovator Award in 2015. Her involvement with the founding green bond team at The World Bank demonstrated her commitment to promoting environmentally conscious initiatives.

Kavita Gupta’s expertise in investments and blockchain technologies led her to establish the early-stage blockchain infra fund, Delta Blockchain Fund, with an impressive asset under management (AUM) of over $120 million. Prior to this venture, she was instrumental in launching one of the first early-stage blockchain funds, ConsenSys Ventures, and co-founded the Tachyon Accelerator. Through ConsenSys Ventures, she provided crucial support and initial funding to industry-defining companies like Polygon, Starkware, Quantstamp, and Sorare, among others.

Her advisory roles are equally impressive, as she has contributed her insights and expertise to institutions such as the Hus Institute, the UNICEF Giga project, the Katapult investment fund, and the International Emmy Awards, further solidifying her reputation as an influential leader in the investment and blockchain sectors.

With over 18 years of experience across organizations like The World Bank, IFC, ConsenSys, and the Eric Schmidt Family Office, Kavita Gupta has consistently demonstrated her commitment to driving innovation and positive change. Her accomplishments, coupled with her ongoing dedication to education and research, continue to shape the future of blockchain technology and investment landscapes.