Nicolas Cary

Co-Founder and Vice Chairman

Nicolas Cary is the Co-founder and Vice Chairman at — the leading crypto finance house serving consumers, traders, and institutional customers since 2011. Today, the company has raised over $500M in venture capital and is valued at over $5 billion. In 2015, Nic was named the European Digital Leader of the year. Nic is the Founding Commissioner of the Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development and Co-Authored The Future is Decentralised. Nic is trilingual, and has a deep passion for positive digital disruption. He’s also the Co-Founder and Chairman of, the leading non-profit digital business accelerator. Prior to, Nic was a founding Partner at where he focused on product development and management. Nic is a proven leader, investor, public speaker, and brand ambassador. He’s deeply focused on designing performant cultures that persevere in adverse markets.