Pedro Lopez Belmonte


Web3 & Tech Innovation

Pedro is an innovation & technology strategist, helping organizations to build new digital experiences by relying on the exponential value of cross-tech innovations. He comes from a hybrid background and thrives on the intersection between business & technology, helping to drive change from within by providing a vision and defining strategies to build meaningful digital experiences, aligned with business goals and at the same time flexible, enabling fast short-term adaptations and pivotal changes in the future.

As a web3 & blockchain expert, he has been an integral part of Richemont’s Group web3 journey since its inception, holding a pivotal role to the strategy definition and execution, steering the impact of blockchain technology across the end-to-end supply chain, and co-leading the Group’s exploration path on NFTs, Metaverses and other emerging technologies.

As member of the web3 community, he also participates regularly in conferences & discussion forums both institutional or private, sharing conversations with relevant actors, and writing about the evolution and future of the technology from an individual and social perspective. He particularly loves to share knowledge and support young talent, providing regular lectures on web3 business & tech topics, coaching, supporting students in their research efforts and mentoring young talented individuals with a shared entrepreneurial appetite.