Sophia Shluger


Chief Commercial Officer

Sophia is Chief Commercial Officer at PV01, a leading global blockchain finance provider founded in 2022 by B2C2 founders, Maxime Boonen and Flavio Molendini. Operating between blockchain and the traditional capital markets, PV01 enables fixed income assets to be issued, traded and settled on the blockchain. PV01 is committed to serving global institutional investors with its best in class technology platform and sophisticated product suite of ERC-20 digital bond tokens, providing a novel and more modern way for issuers to access capital and for institutional investors to invest in new markets. Previous to PV01, she was Managing Director in Europe for Amber Group, a fintech unicorn and crypto native market maker where she was responsible for institutional expansion both in the UK and across EMEA. She is also a Venture Partner at VNTR Capital, an investor syndicate, a financial services executive and a global business development professional with over 15 years of track record and deal-making experience from Goldman Sachs, XP, Santander Investment Securities and American Express, among others.