The Next Big Business in Crypto is Staking

A very enlightening discussion took place during the 7th European Blockchain Convention with Andrew Howell, Director Of Blockchain Engineering at Blockdaemon, Ben Spiegelman, Head of Corporate Development at Figment, James Hume, Global Head of Sales at Huobi Global and Maria Eneva-Olms, CEO at Ekolance. The speakers gave an overview of the staking business, explained the Ethereum Merge, its impact on the markets, and analyzed how institutional investors can participate in staking and what are the challenges and risks along the way.

Stablecoins and CBDCs: what does the future look like?

An exciting discussion took place at the 7th European Blockchain Convention about the importance of stablecoins and CBDCs. The panel discussion consisted of Thomas Moser, Alternate Member of Governing Board at Swiss National Bank, Jean Safar, Director of Client Experience Engineering at Digital Asset, Monty Metzger, CEO & Founder at LCX and Dorian Vincileoni, Business Development Manager at Kucoin.

The Transition from Web2 to Web3

The panel ‘Moving from Web2 to Web3’ took place at the 7th European Blockchain Convention with Toya Zhang, CMO at, Diederik Van Wersch, Inside Sales Manager at Chainalysis, Monty Metzger, CEO & Founder at LCX, Robert Ellison, Marketing at Figment, along with Alex Cohen, Managing Editor at Cointelegraph.

Is the Metaverse a 1 trillion opportunity?

The 7th European Blockchain Convention features an interesting discussion about the Metaverse and its potential. The three-person panel was composed of Lex Sokolin, Head Economist at Consensys, Coty de Monteverde, Blockchain Center of Excellence Director at Banco Santander, and Laurent Perello, Advisor at Tron DAO.