Monday · 12 April

1:00 - 1:30 PM CET

EBC Sneak Peek

Get hyped for EBC 2021! The EBC crew will take you through the virtual platform, talk through the amazing speaker lineup and more!

1:30 - 2:00 PM CET

Lessons Learned from Blockchain Consortiums & the Emergence of a New Type of Network

Guillaume Dechaux


2:00 - 3:15 PM CET

The Tokenization of Financial Assets is Finally Here. Are you ready?

Security tokens may finally represent the “killer app” for blockchain. Just as digitization has improved efficiency and transparency in other parts of the economy, the same will occur when capital markets move from issuing securities in dematerialized format to natively digital.

Hadrien Zerah

Adoption Manager, Nomadic Labs

Jan Karnath

Co-Founder & CEO, Timeless

Nadia Filali

Head of Blockchain, Groupe Caisse des Depots

Sebastian Kraft

Senior Product Owner DLT, Commerzbank

Dotun Rominiyi

Blockchain Strategy London Stock Exchange

Thomas Borrel

Chief Product Officer, Polymath

3:15 - 4:00 PM CET

What's Next for Payments Regulation in Europe

Towards the end of September 2020, the European Commission adopted a digital finance package, which included digital finance and retail payments strategies as well as concrete legislative proposals on crypto-assets and digital resilience. If adopted, these measures and proposals will impact on existing financial providers as well as bringing new entities into the regulatory net.

Gonzalo Perez del Arco

Director Government Affairs South Europe, American Express

Peter Kerstens

European Commission

Doris Dietze

Head of Digital Finance, Payment Services and Cybersecurity, German Ministry of Finance

4:00 - 4:30 PM CET

How to Issue a Central Bank Digital Currency

With the emergence of Bitcoin and recently proposed stablecoins from BigTechs, such as Diem (formerly Libra), Central Banks face growing competition from private actors offering their own digital alternative to physical cash. In this talk, Thomas Moser will explain how Central Banks could issue a CBDC, if desired.

Thomas Moser

Swiss National Bank

4:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Blockchain Startups - A New Dimension for Venture Capital

A distinguished panel of VCs will discuss their recent investments in the crypto/blockchain space. They will cover investment, deal flow, portfolio management, opportunities, and more.

4:30 - 5:00 PM CET

Trends in CeFi & DeFi

Catch Mariana Gospodinova on stage to discuss how the lines between DeFi (decentralised finance) and CeFi (centralised finance) are not as clear as one might think.

Mariana Gospodinova

General Manager, Europe,

5:00 - 5:45 PM CET

Creating Equitable Access to the Global Financial System

Financial products and services drive the world's development and reduce poverty. However, more than 1.7 billion individuals globally currently lack the most lack the most basic financial services and therefore cannot adequately invest in their health, education, and entrepreneurship. Blockchain technology has caused quite a stir in the tech and financial community, and its potential for empowering financial inclusion is being tested globally.

Sheraz Ahmed

Crypto Valley Association

Denelle Dixon

CEO, Stellar Development Foundation

Julien Le Goc

Director of Policy, Diem Association

Mai Santamaria

Head of Financial Advisory team Republic of Ireland

5:45 - 6:15 PM CET

How can blockchain support the energy transition?

From tracking the source of renewable energy to changing the relationship between how energy is produced and consumed, blockchain has the potential to transform the way companies collaborate and interact to accelerate the development of low-carbon energy.

Sabine Brink

Blockchain Lead, Shell

Miguel Angel Rojas

Blockchain Expert

Barbora Greplova

Co-Chair WG Energy, INATBA

6:15 - 6:30 PM CET

Fireside Chat with Lily from 'Lily's Show'

Lily, just 3 years old, has her own program in which she explains simple things to her followers. In her fifth chapter, she explains how Bitcoin works with the help of sweet Skittles , her stuffed animals and of course, her parents.

Lily Knight

World's leading cryptocurrency expert in the toddler space

Tuesday · 13 April

11:45 - 12:00 AM CET

PharmaLedger Introduction

Xenia Beltran

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

12:00 - 1:00 PM CET

Healthcare Data Privacy and Ownership

Data is one of the best tools we have for fighting the Covid-19 outbreak, but health data — like consumer data — is held in silos in many different companies and institutions. And while third parties can track, trade, and negotiate that data, the people who create it, are often cut out of the deal. Blockchain can be used to solve these issues, by putting individuals in control of their data, which would be encrypted - ensuring privacy - and stored in a distributed network that no entity owned.

Ingrid Klingmann

Chairman, European Forum for Good Clinical Practice · PharmaLedger

Hernando Giraldo

Boehringer Ingelheim · PharmaLedger

Anca Petre

CEO, 23 Consulting

Nenad Georgiev

Research Associate, KU Leuven Center · PharmaLedger

Catherine Chronaki

European Federation for Medical Informatics · PharmaLedger

1:00 - 2:00 PM CET

Powering Clinical Trials with IOT and Blockchain

Reproducibility, data sharing, personal data privacy concerns and patient enrolment in clinical trials are huge medical challenges for contemporary clinical research. Blockchain, may be a key to addressing these challenges and should draw the attention of the whole clinical research community.

José Gabriel Teriús

Researcher, PharmaLedger · Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Despina Daliani

Clinical Research Associate, PharmaLedger · Onorach Clinical

Todd Culverwell

UCB Pharma · PharmaLedger

Giuseppe Pontrelli

PharmaLedger · OPBG

Votis Konstantinos

PharmaLedger · CERTH

2:00 - 3:00 PM CET

Can blockchain prevent the problem of counterfeit drugs?

As the illegal trade of counterfeit drugs trade continues to rise, various technology-based solutions will continue to develop. Although blockchain is at its nascent stage, it can play a pivotal role to flatten the curve. If adopted, blockchain can vastly limit the impact of fake medicines in the global market by revolutionizing supply chains.

Paolo Migliari

PharmaLedger · MSD

Valentina Strammiello

PharmaLedger · European Patients'​ Forum

Nuno Miguel Gonçalves

PharmaLedger · INCM

Stanislas Barro

PharmaLedger · Novartis

Timothy Marsh


3:00 - 4:00 PM CET

Verifiable Credentials for COVID-19 Data Management

At the moment, it is difficult for someone to prove that they have tested negative for COVID-19 across borders. Blockchain and DLTs can help transfer and share data efficiently between governments and businesses while ensuring the privacy of the individual. A blockchain-enabled system for COVID-19 tracing could also be thought of as a MVP for a larger effort to build a decentralised system for digital health records which patients can bring with them no matter where they go.

Benedetto Biondi

Innovation Manager, Blockchain Italia

Marco Cuomo

Applied Technology Innovation Manager, PharmaLedger · Novartis

Xavi Vila

Product Manager, Validated ID

Heather Leigh Flannery

ConsenSys Health

Daniel Uribe


4:15 - 5:30 PM CET

Understanding Institutional-Grade Crypto Custody

The rise of cryptocurrency as an asset class is bringing increased attention to the importance of security and trust—as well as the growing need for regulations and standards of operation—in the space. The practices of centralized and decentralized exchanges have received the most scrutiny to date, but the manner in which digital assets are stored and managed is an equally important (though less discussed) concern.

Sandra Ro

CEO, Global Blockchain Business Council

Raimundo Castilla

CEO, Prosegur Crypto

Lior Lamesh

Co-Founder & CEO, GK8

Francisco Maroto

Blockchain Lead, BBVA

Henrik Gebbing

Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Finoa

Berit Fuss

Director Fintech Solutions, RIDDLE&CODE

5:30 - 6:30 PM CET

DLT & Crypto for Financial Services

The digitization of financial instruments – comprising digital assets, smart contracts and programmable money – takes the benefits of blockchain further by forging unprecedented levels of connectivity and programmability between products, services, assets and holdings. These digitized instruments will redefine the processes of commercial and financial markets, creating a new paradigm where value is brought at every touch point.

Laurent Marochini

Head of Innovation, Société Générale

David Creer

Global DLT and Crypto Lead, GFT Group

Darko Pilav

Director of Client Experience Engineering, Digital Asset

Kim Schneider

Blockchain Specialist, Rabobank

Simon Seiter

Head of Digital Assets, Deutsche Börse

6:30 - 7:30 PM CET

The Future of Finance: Digital Assets and Beyond

The emergence of digital assets– as supported by blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) – is heralding a new era. As digital assets gain traction, regulators are launching initiatives to support the development of the market, and traditional investors and asset managers are slowly pivoting their business models towards the digital realm. But who is driving these developments, who stands to benefit and what exactly are the advantages?

Luz Parrondo

UPF Barcelona School of Management

Candace Kelly

General Counsel, Stellar Development Foundation

Scott King

Blockchain Product Owner, ING

Álvaro Suárez

DLT-Lab Technical Lead, BME

Wednesday · 14 April

12:00 - 1:00 PM CET

CBDCs in Europe. Anytime soon?

The international debate on central bank digital currency (CBDC) is gaining momentum. And as a result, the world has been sieged by CBDC initiatives stemming from all the parts of the world, that aim to digitalise payments, encourage financial inclusion, improve cross border payments, support fiscal transfer, etc. Will Europe launch a CBDC in 2-4 years as Christine Lagarde suggested?

Hachem Hassan

Financial Legal Expert, Danmarks Nationalbank

Thomas Moser

Alternate Member of the Governing Board, Swiss National Bank

Martin Diehl

Head Payment Systems, Deutsche Bundesbank

Raphael Auer

Principal Economist, Bank for International Settlements

Antony Welfare

Executive Director, Enterprise, NEM

1:00 - 2:00 PM CET

Private Sector and its Opportunity to Shape CBDCs

Commercial banks have a pivotal role to play and a unique opportunity to shape the course of CBDC at its foundation. The main risk for Commercial Banks posed by a CBDC issuance is the risk of structural bank disintermediation, which consist of the shrinking of the commercial banks’ balance sheet due to a large-scale migration from bank deposits to CBDCs.

Julio Faura

CEO, Adhara

Philipp Sandner

Professor, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

Dean Demellweek

Digital Transformation Leader, BNP Paribas

Monica Singer


2:00 - 3:00 PM CET

Crypto Asset Regulation: EU vs USA vs ASIA

Although the sector is growing rapidly, blockchain-related businesses are still largely unregulated in most countries. Sadly, in some circles, the use of crypto is still perceived as a mechanism or tool to facilitate criminal activity. As a result, in order to prove their credibility, many blockchain-related businesses are seeking regulation. The purpose of this panel, therefore, is to explore the positions that different jurisdictions are taking, providing an overview of the top jurisdictions you should consider when deciding where to incorporate your blockchain business.

Agata Ferreira

EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum

Joshua Ashley Klayman

Head of Blockchain & Digital Assets, Linklaters

Teana Baker-Taylor

General Manager, UK,

Urszula McCormack

King & Wood Mallesons

Nina-Luisa Siedler

Board Member, INATBA

3:00 - 3:30 PM CET

CBDCs: Research, Design and Lessons Learned

Since the late 1990s, monetary theorists have regarded money in general and cash in particular as a substitute for a publicly available and freely accessible record-keeping device. Theoretically, cash could be replaced by a public ledger recording all past and present transactions. Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is such a record-keeping device that can ensure trade without a central authority – but can it do so efficiently and more robustly than traditional, centralised exchange?

Raphael Auer

Principal Economist, Bank for International Settlements

3:30 - 4:15 PM CET

Workshop with R3: Digital Assets on Corda

Iryna Tsimashenka

Developer Evangelist, R3

Ashutosh Meher

Developer Relations, R3

4:15 - 5:00 PM CET

DeFi: Building for the Future

More institutional money flowing into the DeFi ecosystem, either in the form of token investment or venture capital, is boosting liquidity and legitimacy. Institutional support is also guiding the ecosystem through the shoals of regulatory acceptability and the gradual adaptation of current market infrastructure.

Jason Jones

CCO, Centrifuge

Johann Bornman

Product, ConsenSys

Rebecca Rettig

General Counsel, Aave

5:00 - 5:25 PM CET

Distrikt: the Best of Both Worlds

A decentralized, professional social media network that empowers users to own and control their identity and data. Powered by DFINITY’s Internet Computer, Distrikt will be the first 100% blockhain-based social media network.

Andra Georgescu

Co-Founder, Distrikt

5:25 - 5:45 PM CET

How Blockchain Can Streamline Healthcare and its Payments

Pradeep Goel

CEO, Solve.Care

5:45 - 6:45 PM CET

Making Europe Fit for the 'Blockchain, DLT & Crypto' Era

Tech policy is at the forefront of the Von der Leyen Commission’s ambitions for making Europe Fit for the Digital Age. Indeed, digital transformation touches every corner of our lives, bringing new opportunities, but also new risks. There is growing awareness in Europe of the potential of technology and its central role in transforming our society and economy across all sectors. Is Europe ready for the 'Blockchain, DLT & Crypto' Era?

Adam Gagen

VP, Government Affairs, American Express

Eva Kaili European Blockchain Convention

Eva Kaili

Member, European Parliament

Jörg Kukies

State Secretary, German Ministry of Finance

Agata Ferreira

EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum

Jan Ceyssens

Head of Unit European Commission

Thursday · 15 April

12:00 - 12:20 PM CET

Aave Protocol: DeFi & FinTech Worlds Collide

Learn from Aave’s vision to bring the DeFi and Fintech spaces closer together by providing access to DeFi directly from electronic money accounts, opening up DeFi services to a wider user base moving toward mainstream adoption

Stani Kulechov

Founder and CEO, Aave

12:30 - 12:40 PM CET

BlockStart: How an EU-funded Accelerator is Boosting Blockchain adoption in SMEs

BlockStart is a pan-European DLT / blockchain partnership program run by a team of 3 partners: Bright Pixel, CIVITTA and F6S. Through this program of mutually beneficial partnerships between end-user SMEs and potential DLT / blockchain specialists, SMEs will be able to adopt blockchain solutions that can help grow their businesses and acquire knowledge about the benefits of these technologies.

Joao Fernandes

Blockchain Accelerator Manager & Investor , BlockStart & Bright Pixel

12:40 - 1:00 PM CET

BlockStart: Startup Pitches

A selection of the most promising blockchain startups in Europe will pitch their projects live!

Mirko Kikovic

Co-founder and CEO at Infidia

Agata Kukwa

Head of Communications at REXS.IO

Martin Schäffner

Blockchain Architect at Datarella

Reinis Skorovs

Founder/CEO at Kedeon

1:15 - 1:45 PM CET

Complex blockchain infrastructures, scalability and interoperability

If blockchain-based platforms and applications are to succeed, they will need to be able to scale sufficiently to meet the needs of their target markets or users. Due to the way blockchains work, scaling poses challenges that are not present with conventional database technology.

Pavel Kravchenko

Founder, Distributed Lab

Marty Bell

Chief Software Architect, Rakuten Blockchain Lab

Omri Ross

Chief Blockchain Scientist, eToro

1:45 - 2:15 PM CET

Why 86% of enterprise blockchain implementations fail?

While high levels of investment into enterprise blockchain projects have been sustained over the last three years, the stark reality is that the vast majority still never make it beyond proof-of-concept. In fact, as few as 5% make it to production and, according to global research and advisory firm Gartner, 90% of those will need replacement within two years to remain competitive. what can enterprises do to increase their chances of success?

Matthew Van Niekerk

CEO & Co-Founder, SettleMint

2:15 - 2:45 PM CET


Get hyped for EBC 2021! The EBC crew will take you through the virtual platform, talk through the amazing speaker lineup, preview the Startup Battlefield companies and more!

Arthur Breitman

Early Architect, Tezos

2:45 - 3:15 PM CET

Governance of Large Scale Blockchain-based Solutions

Get hyped for EBC 2021! The EBC crew will take you through the virtual platform, talk through the amazing speaker lineup, preview the Startup Battlefield companies and more!

Karen Ottoni

Director of Ecosystem, Hyperledger

Nadia Hewett

Data for Common Purpose and Blockchain, World Economic Forum

Marta Piekarska

Head of Community, Balancer Labs

3:15 - 4:00 PM CET

NFTs, DAOs and the New Creator Economy

The ownership economy – by way of decentralized autonomous organizations (aka DAO) and non-fungible tokens (aka NFT) – builds a business on top of the creator economy that encourages creators, operators and the community to collaborate together under a new, interdependent ownership mechanism that combines the best of both (legacy and creator economy). This new media structure will be wholly owned by the creators, operators and consumers themselves.

Marek Sobieniecki


Robby Yung

CEO, Animoca Brands

Chris Carella


Pawel Kuskowski

CEO, Coinfirm

4:00 - 4:30 PM CET

The Benefits of Coopetition in Blockchain Consortia

Get hyped for EBC 2021! The EBC crew will take you through the virtual platform, talk through the amazing speaker lineup, preview the Startup Battlefield companies and more!

Martha Bennett

VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Dale Chrystie

Blockchain Strategist, FedEx

Alexa Rios

Regional Product Expert, TradeLens | Maersk

4:30 - 4:50 PM CET

Trust as the Key Concept in Future Mobility using Decentralized Technologies

The Internet and consequently the Internet of Things were built without a trust layer. Decentralized Digital Identities as basis for Connected Mobility for example, may be one of the needed missing components to implement real data sovereignty and a trusted Economy of Things in future Connected Vehicles scenarios. Actual use cases and ways to tackle this challenge will be presented.

Peter Busch

Product Owner DLT Mobility, Bosch

4:50 - 5:40 PM CET

Blockchain in Mobility-as-a-Service

Get hyped for EBC 2021! The EBC crew will take you through the virtual platform, talk through the amazing speaker lineup, preview the Startup Battlefield companies and more!

Rebecca Johnson

European Blockchain Association

Jeanine Jue

Head of Developer Relations & Education, R3

Peter Busch

Product Owner DLT Mobility, Bosch

Moritz von Bonin

Head of Blockchain & DLT, Deutsche Bahn

5:40 - 6:40 PM CET

Where have you been? Blockchain for tracking goods in trade

Get hyped for EBC 2021! The EBC crew will take you through the virtual platform, talk through the amazing speaker lineup, preview the Startup Battlefield companies and more!

Alberto Cozer

Senior Global IT Platforms Director, Nestlé

Matthew Van Niekerk

CEO & Co-Founder, SettleMint

Pedro Lopez Belmonte

Blockchain Tech Lead, Richemont

Rodolfo Quijano European Blockchain Convention

Rodolfo Quijano

Head of Blockchain, Henkel

Garance (Bon) Osternaud

Project Manager for Blockchain, Carrefour

6:40 - 7:30 PM CET

Accelerating Technology Disruption in the Automotive Market

Get hyped for EBC 2021! The EBC crew will take you through the virtual platform, talk through the amazing speaker lineup, preview the Startup Battlefield companies and more!

Robin Pilling

Technical Lead, Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI)

Pramita Mitra

IoT & Blockchain Research Supervisor, Ford Motors

Odile Panciatici

Blockchain Program VP, Groupe Renault

Alba Vergara

IT Blockchain Specialist, SEAT

12:00 - 12:45 PM CET

How to Control Our Ever Expanding Digital Footprint?

Our digital footprint is ever expanding. Everyday we sign up to new services, from utilities, online banking, shopping accounts, tv and music platforms, to that one account we had to make only to buy a concert ticket. Not only all these signups expose our identity to serious security threats, it is also a hassle to keep track of them, remember all the login details, know which services we are paying for...

Margherita Leder

COO, TMP Group

Montse Guardia

General Manager, Alastria

David Palmer

Blockchain Lead, Vodafone

12:45 - 1:15 PM CET

Blockchain for Government Digital Disruption, the Exemple of Catalonia


Daniel Marco

Director General of Innovation and Digital Economy at Government of Catalonia

1:15 - 2:15 PM CET

Where Do We Stand on Self-Sovereign Identity?

Self-sovereign identity shifts identity and credential management from the client-server model of centralized identity systems, which creates silos, to a peer-to-peer model. Self-Sovereign Identity is an emerging concept associated with the way identity is managed in the digital world. According to the Self-Sovereign Identity approach, users should be able to create and control their own identity, without relying on any centralised authority. This way, the identity owner can determine when, where, why and with whom to provide access to these credentials.

Charles Walton

Senior VP, Digital Identity, Mastercard

Coty de Monteverde

Blockchain Center of Excellence Director, Banco Santander

Antoine Maisonneuve

Blockchain Program Manager, Orange

Daniël Du Seuil

European Blockchain Partnership

Ivan Basart

CTO, Validated ID

2:15 - 3:00 PM CET

Blockchain Moves to the Public Sector

More governments join the race to pass regulatory legislation and commence pilot projects centered around blockchain technology every day. Governments can leverage blockchain technology to provide cybersecurity, process optimization, and integrate hyperconnected services while bolstering trust and accountability.

Matthew Van Niekerk

CEO & Co-Founder, SettleMint

Andreas Hartl

German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Kimmo Mäkinen

Senior Advisory, Finnish Ministry of Finance

Pēteris Zilgalvis European Blockchain Convention

Peteris Zilgalvis

Digital Innovation & Blockchain, European Commission

3:00 - 3:30 PM CET

Public & Private Sector Collaboration in the Blockchain Space

More governments join the race to pass regulatory legislation and commence pilot projects centered around blockchain technology every day. Governments can leverage blockchain technology to provide cybersecurity, process optimization, and integrate hyperconnected services while bolstering trust and accountability.

Paul Hearns

Blockchain Ireland

Nena Dokuzov

Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of Slovenia

Joao Rodrigues

Head of Sector Building Blocks, European Commission

3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

User Owned Data and Web 3.0

The creaking foundations of our 40 year old internet are groaning under the strain of centrally owned user data. Attempts are under way to fix it. However, the political, regulatory, legislative and technical challenges in making such solutions work are substantial.

3:30 - 4:45 PM CET

Building A New Internet: The Bold Plan To Decentralize The Web

Once hailed for its revolutionary potential, the historically open, decentralized, egalitarian internet seems to inch closer toward centralized control with each passing day. But what can be done? Here’s a modest proposal: perhaps it’s time to build a new internet.

Alfonso de la Rocha

Research Engineer, Protocol Labs

Henri Pihkala​

Co-Founder, Streamr

Peng Zhong

CEO, Tendermint, Cosmos

Aidan Hyman

Co-Founder & CEO, ChainSafe Systems

Des Martin

VP of Marketing and User Growth, Brave Software

Eric Wang

Ecosystem Development Lead, Parity - Polkadot

4:45 - 5:45 PM CET

Should we sell our data? A panel on the ethics of individual data monetisation

Data is of unprecedented importance today, but, present data marketplaces are inadequate as they fail to satisfy all the desirable properties - fairness, efficiency, security, privacy and adherence to regulations. In this panel , we discuss how blockchain enables a data marketplace solution that fulfills all required properties.

Hannah Rudman

Senior Challenge Research Fellow & Data Policy Lead, Scotland's Rural College

Shiv Malik​

Head of Growth, Streamr

Maria Minaricova

Chair of the Board, Blockchain for Europe

Luca Cosentino

Product and Go-To-Market, Oasis Labs

Bruce Pon

Co-Founder, Ocean Protocol

Andra Georgescu

Co-Founder, Distrikt

5:45 - 6:15 PM CET

Keynote Protocol Labs


Juan Benet

Founder, Protocol Labs

6:15 - 6:30 PM CET

Closing Session and Wrap up of EBC 2021

This sessions wraps up the lessons learned during EBC 2021.

Victoria Gago

Co-Founder, European Blockchain Convention

Daniel Salmeron

Co-Founder, European Blockchain Convention